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The platform switching implant by Klockner Implant System for crestal level placement that allows individualizing the treatment of the soft tissues. Thanks to the development of its exclusive titanium OPTIMUM, VEGA has narrow diameters up to 3.0mm.


Designed to protect the crestal bone

The maintenance of the tissues is extremely important for the success of the treatment. The VEGA design in the coronal part allows an improved distribution of the loads. It prevents bone loss when the implant is loaded and helps to maintain the crestal bone level, which is highly necessary in cases of high aesthetic commitment.

OPTIMUM®, the new generation titanium.

The development of the new titanium has allowed to increase the elastic limit and to improve the mechanical properties in 64% of the whole VEGA® implants line. Thanks to OPTIMUM®, we have Micro Vega, the 3mm implant suitable for the rehabilitation of crowns with extremely narrow interdental spaces, and Narrow Vega, the 3.5mm implant designed to be used in all clinical situations.

Easy insertion, high primary stability.

The surgical body design, with a progressive expanded conical core and double spire, combined with the surgical sequence, offer a soft insertion implant and exceptional primary stability *.

* VEGA® shows high ISQ values at the time of placement with moderate insertion torques.

CONTACTI, the surface that the bone was waiting for.

After more than 15 years of research, comes the revolutionary surface of Klockner Implant System which accelerates biological stability, allowing the definitive implant load in 4 weeks. It is the ideal solution for immediate / early load treatments and patients at risk.

* CONTACTI available in VEGA® implants with 3.5, 4.0 y 4.5mm diameters.

Implant-prosthesis total sealing.

The connection of the VEGA® implant allows, once the abutment is tightened, to obtain a hermetic sealing with spaces smaller than 1μm that prevent bacterial colonization.

* Internal studies carried out by the UPC Research Chair and Soadco S.L.

Intuitive and user-friendly system

The VEGA® family is identified by color codes. These color codes are present in the surgical material, in the diameter of the implants and in the prosthetic system. In addition, Klockner Implant System helps the clinician to choose the best prosthetic solution by means of its PROSTHETIC SETS*.

* The PROTHETIC SET includes in the same packaging the different abutments and components necessary for the rehabilitation of an implant.


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