We are leaders and pioneers in Spain with more than 1,300,000 implants placed since 1987. Our designs are at the forefront of global implantology. With our high manufacturing standards and under our two major pillars, SCIENCE and EDUCATION, we help doctors achieve excellency in their practice.

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The bioactive surface of Klockner Implant System which accelerates the biological stability and allows a definitive load in 4 weeks.


The surface of Klockner Implant System that provides reliability and clinical success since 1993.


OPTIMUM, the new generation titanium

OPTIMUM is a project developed between the titanium supplier ZAPP and Klockner Implant System that started in 2012.

It consists of cold worked CP Titanium grade 4 which results in material hardening without modifying its composition. Optimum increases the elastic limit and improves the mechanical properties in 64% compared to the same titanium without the treatment.

Bone availability is a big challenge. Thanks to Optimum, Klockner Implant System has narrow implants that offer the best guarantees.