The surface that the bone was waiting for.

After 15 years of research, the surface which accelerates the biological stability has arrived.




Super-fast biological stability. Assuring the definitive implant load in 4 weeks.


Ideal solution for immediate and early loads.


Greater predictability in patients at risk.


Bigger contact bone-implant: 80% in 3 weeks.


It promotes the spontaneous formation of a layer of hydroxyapatite as the implant comes into contact with blood.


Selective protein adsorption capacity that promotes bone growth.



Materials and Methods

  1. Obtained by two-step thermochemical treatment: Alumina particle bombardment + thermochemical treatment. (Alkaline immersion and heat treatment).
  2. OPTIMUM®: Grade IV titanium developed by Klockner with excellent resistance to mechanical corrosion.

The thermochemical treatment covers implants’ surface with sodium titanate that, once in contact with blood and due to the sodium ion activity, forms an apatite layer with a totally stable union with the implant.

Surface topography reveals a Sa of 1.5 ± 0.1 µm and is optimized to minimize possible bacterial invasion.

Technical Features

  1. High hydrophilic capacity.
  2. Bioactive.
  3. Highly negative charge.
  4. Osteoconductive.
  1. Selective protein adsorption.
  2. Ion union between the implant and the apatite layer.
  3. Moderate rugosity level (Sa 1.5 +- 0.1 µm).

Clinical Effects

Speeds up the biological stability, obtaining optimal ISQ values for implant loading in 4 weeks.

Ideal surface for immediate and early loads.

Recommended for treatments of patients at risk.


Clinical cases

Dr. Mariano Herrero

Clinical Case 1.

Dr. Pedro Lázaro

Clinical Case 2.



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