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Essential Cone, the implant by Klockner Implant System for soft tissue level placement with two heights of machined collar of 0.7 and 1.5mm and a unique connection that achieves a total immobilization of the abutments.


High quality biological sealing

Thanks to Klockner Implant System machined collar design, fibroblasts arrangement is achieved, increasing the quality and adhesion of the soft tissue and preventing bacterial colonization.

Tight to Cone, total immobilization of the prosthetic abutment

Tight to Cone TTC* abutments create a cold welding effect with the internal cone of the implant, eliminating the connection gap and possible bacterial filtration.

*Klockner Implant System has designed a system in the fixing screws that allows the extraction of the Tight to Cone abutments.
*Internal studies carried out by the UPC Research Chair and Soadco S.L.

Shot Blasting by Klockner, Klockner Implant System surface since 1993

Thanks to the bonding of alumina oxide, the surface hardness of the titanium is increased. Passivation with hydrochloric acid protects the implant from ion exchange with the environment and thus from corrosion of the material. All of this improves the bone-implant contact surface and the fatigue resistance of the material, in addition to promoting the proliferation and growth of osteoblasts.

Excellent primary stability

The surgical body design (progressive core and double thread) combined with the Essential Cone surgical sequence offer an easy insertion implant and exceptional primary stability. The use of the crestal drill eliminates the risk of over-compression of the cortical bone at the moment of insertion of the implant without altering its primary stability.

Complete, intuitive and user-friendly prosthetic system

Essential Cone has a wide catalog of prosthetic solutions for the rehabilitation of any clinical need. In addition, Klockner Implant System helps the clinician to choose the best prosthetic solution by means of its PROSTHETIC SETS*.

* The PROSTHETIC SET includes in the same packaging the different abutments and components necessary for the rehabilitation of an implant.


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