Mission, Vision and Values

Founded in 1987 and with its headquarters in Andorra, Klockner Implant System is a pioneer brand in implantological odontology. Being a market leader and a benchmark in Spain and Portugal, Klockner Implant System has an extensive and international distributor network as well as its own offices in Miami, USA.

The mission of Klockner Implant System is to “help the clients achieve excellency in their treatments by offering the best products for each phase of a treatment”.

All this supported by two big pillars: Science and Education

- Regarding Science, Klockner Implant System has 5 university research chairs: UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), University of Sevilla, University San Pablo CEU of Madrid, UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) and University of Granada. Furthermore, it collaborates with 30 other universities across Spain, Portugal and the United States while also having a Scientific Committee that supports our products by writing articles in scientific journals and through diffusion during industry’s congresses. Nowadays Klockner Implant System has more than 120 publications in scientific journals

- Regarding Education, Klockner Implant System has an ambitious educational program with more than 100 yearly events in various formats, such as workshops, on demand and modular and monographic courses. Likewise, Klockner organizes its own congress, called “Meeting Friends”, which in 2015 had 1,000 attendees in Barcelona.




Klockner Family


Research, development & manufacturing