1987 – Creation of Klockner Implant System

In 1987, Dr. Padrós, with the help of a group of professionals committed to scientific rigor, designs an external connection implant that represents an improved version of the universal connection implant. Klockner implant System is born with the purpose of providing innovation and development to the market.

1993 – Shot Blasting Surface by Klockner

As a result of research carried out by the Professor Javier Gil*, in which it can be understood that surface roughness improves osseointegration times and quality, Klockner Implant System starts to apply its surface “Shot Blasting by Klockner” to all of its implants. Today Klockner still applies the same technique as a consequence of the clinical success achieved.

*('Aplicaciones biomédicas del Titanio y sus aleaciones'. F.J. Gil, J.A. Planell. Revista de Biomecánica 1(1) (1993)),

1994 – Ball attachment Klockner Implant System

In 1994, Klockner Implant System launched its innovative ball attachment system. An individual attachment for overdentures that corrects the insertion angle of the implant and which had a great acceptance in Iberia, making Klockner Implant System known at a European level.

1996 – Threaded Expanders

In 1996, Klockner Implant System launches its Threaded Expanders. It was the first of many innovative products launched by Klockner Implant System, oriented towards big bone regeneration surgeries.

1997 – SOADCO S.L.

In 1997, Klockner Implant System moves its production processes to SOADCO S.L., located in Andorra. That move provides Klockner Implant System manufacturing with the highests quality and safety standards.

That year, the whole production process also obtains the CE, EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 46001.

1999 – Collar and Surgical Body of Klockner Implant System

As a result of years of research*, Klockner Implant System applies a machining treatment to all the collars of its implants. This treatment, specifically designed to improve the adhesion and the quality of gum tissues, guides and arranges the fibroblasts.

In the same way, changes are introduced to the surgical body (double thread and progressive core), which increase resistance to threading and the primary stability of the Implant.

2002 – FDA Certification

In 2002, with the obtaining of the certification from the Food & Drugs Administration, SOADCO S.L., proved following the highest fabrication quality standards in the world and established the baseline for commercializing Klockner Implant System’s brand all over the world.

2006 – University research chair KLOCKNER - UPC (Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya)

In 2006 Klockner Implant System formalizes its relationship with UPC through a university research chair under the direction of Prof. Javier Gil, being the research chair’s object the development of biomaterials and biomechanical behavior.

Klockner Implant System joins the elite group of cutting-edge companies that have a university research chair with UPC.

2007 – Launch of Essential Cone

Klockner Implant System bets on the future and the internal connection. For this reason it empowers its Scientific Committee, leaded by Prof. Javier Gil and counting with the incorporation of Doctors Mariano Herrero, Pedro Lázaro and Carlos Falcao.

As a result of this work, an internal connection implant with a machined collar is launched to the international market: Essential Cone.

2008 – Klockner of North America

Klockner Implant System expands internationally to the United States, opening its offices in Miami, Florida.

2009 – University research chair Klockner – University of Sevilla

The university research chair Klockner – Universidad de Sevilla is created under the direction of Dr. Pedro Bullón and oriented towards the investigation and clinical development of Klockner Implant System.

2010 – University research chair Klockner – San Pablo CEU

The university research chair Klockner – San Pablo CEU is created under the direction of Dr. Manuel Fernández and oriented towards the investigation of stem cells.

2011 – KL Implant with universal external connection

Following the Spanish market demand, Klockner Implant System launches the implant KL, a universal external connection implant with the own design and fabrication standards of the company.

2015 – OPTIMUM, the new generation titanium

Through a project developed together with ZAPP, Klockner Implant System creates a new generation of titanium, Optimum.

Optimum is a CP titanium grade 4 that increases the elastic limit and improves the mechanical properties in 64%

2015 – VEGA, an Implant designed to protect the crestal bone

VEGA is presented to the market, an internal connection implant that follows the platform switching principles, with a coronal portion design that allows a better load distribution and helps to maintain the level of crestal bone.

Due to the Optimum titanium, VEGA has narrow diameters that go down to 3.0 mm.

2015 – University research chair Klockner Implant System– UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya)

The university research chair Klockner –UIC is created under the direction of Dr. José Nart and oriented towards the prevention and treatment of periimplantitis.

2016 – ContacTi, the surface that the bone was waiting for

After more than 15 years of research, Klockner Implant System launches ContacTi, the new bioactive surface which greatly accelerates the biological stability and allows the definitive implant load in 4 weeks.

Specially indicated for immediate load treatments, early load and risk patients.

2016 – University research chair Klockner Implant System – University of Granada

The university research chair Klockner – University of Granada is created under the direction of Dr. Pablo Galindo and oriented towards the basic and clinical investigation of Klockner Implant System.


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